The Louvre museum, The Best Art Gallery

The Louvre museum, The Best Art Gallery

The Louvre in France is considered the largest art gallery, it was first opened in 1793, 10th August, making it one of the oldest museums.

The Louvre in France is considered the largest art gallery, it was first opened in 1793, 10th August, making it one of the oldest museums. The Louvre is located at musée du Louvre 75001 in Paris, France. This museum was initially a royal palace until it was moved to the Palace of Versailles, but it remained important to France as it was used to display some fine works of art known to man. They had a collection of just 537 paintings when it initially opened, but that number increased as more french emperors added a modification each time. Currently, they can boast of 38000 objects on display all on 72732 square meters.

Their exhibitions are displayed in eight

Their exhibitions are displayed in eight categories namely: Egyptian Antiquities, Greek, Eutruscan, Roman antiquities, Islamic art, sculpture, decorative arts, near eastern antiquities, paintings prints, drawings. The Egyptian Antiquities section showcases items from Ancient Egypt such as the Seated Scribe, statues of goddesses Nephthys, and musical instruments with lots of jewelry. Another section was the Greek, Eutruscan and Roman antiquities, three of the greatest empires in history. This contains interesting prices like the winged victory or the Nike of Samothrace which is a marble piece, Venus de Milo, Apollo Belvedere, portraits of Agrippa and lots of jewelry.

The Louvre museum, The Best Art Gallery

The Islamic art category is a collection of art from early Islam, consisting of carpets, ceramics, textiles and metalware. Notable pieces are the ivory and silver casket, pyxide d’Al Mughira which is also a box with the shroud of Saint Jose. Some of these were taken from spoils from wars that were never returned because of lost origins. The sculptures section offers works from popular artists such as Michelangelo, Rafael and Lorenzo Bernini. Popular works are the tomb of PhillipĂ© Pot, Yombe, and a bust of Cardinal Richelieu. Even Decorative arts saw beautiful stained-glass of saints, bronze vases with plenty of ceramics.

Near eastern antiques are said to be taken from pre-Islamic eastern countries such as Iran. This category shows nice pieces like the human-winged-bull, code of Hammurabi or the statue of Ehih the second. All paperwork is showcased in the prints and drawings section of the gallery. It holds a whopping 40000 prints, 3000 drawings with 500 illustrated books. The painting’s section is a customer favorite because it displays Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting, Mona Lisa, liberty leading the Pope with the coronation of Napoleon. The list of valuable items or antiques in this art gallery is immense, and it would be impossible for a human to see all these antiques in one week.

The Louvre Museum is visited not just for its vast galleries, but for its beauty, liveliness and its cheap fee. A guided tour would cost anywhere from 0 to 17 Euros which is relatively cheap considering the size of the museum. It’s open every day of the week except Tuesdays, new year, Christmas or May first. It allows you to book reservations and purchase tickets online, saving you the stress of queuing. They have transportation within the museum, so you wouldn’t have to walk backbreaking distances just to get around. An exemption for disabled people and their company is even in place. This place has undoubtedly earned its rights to be called the best art gallery.